HEADS UP - pkgsrc.git users - Major changes - pkgsrcv2.git now gtg

Pierre Abbat phma at phma.optus.nu
Thu Sep 30 19:59:46 PDT 2010

On Thursday 30 September 2010 17:47:11 Matthew Dillon wrote:
> 			    DragonFly Users
>     Ok, the new pkgsrcv2.git repo is up and the old pkgsrc.git repo is
>     gone.  Here is the skinny on it.
>     New official pkgsrc mirror for DragonFly users:
> 	git://git.dragonflybsd.org/pkgsrcv2.git
>     UPDATING /usr/Makefile, and updating /usr/pkgsrc:
> 	Your /usr/Makefile needs to be updated.  Simply change any instances
> 	of 'pkgsrc.git' to 'pkgsrcv2.git'.  You can then use the Makefile
> 	to build your new pkgsrc repo if you desire, or you can follow the
> 	manual instructions below.
> 	You must wipe your old /usr/pkgsrc completely and pull the new
> 	one down from scratch.  There is no way to incrementally update
> 	your existing repo.  The new repo is ~600MB or so.
> 	You can do it manually as follows:
> 	    cd /usr
> 	    rm -rf pkgsrc
> 	    mkdir pkgsrc
> 	    cd pkgsrc
> 	    git init
> 	    git remote add origin git://git.dragonflybsd.org/pkgsrcv2.git
> 	    git fetch origin
> 	    git branch master origin/master
> 	    git pkgsrc-2010Q1 master origin/pkgsrc-2010Q1
> 	    git pkgsrc-2010Q2 master origin/pkgsrc-2010Q2
> 	    git checkout master

I removed the directory and ran "make pkgsrc-create". It failed on the "git 
remote add" command as follows:
cd /usr/pkgsrc && git init
Initialized empty Git repository in /usr/pkgsrc/.git/
cd /usr/pkgsrc &&  git remote add origin 
cd /usr/pkgsrc && git fetch origin
git.dragonflybsd.org[0:]: errno=Connection refused
fatal: unable to connect a socket (Connection refused)
*** Error code 128


lo ponse be lo mruli po'o cu ga'ezga roda lo ka dinko

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