HAMMER: WARNING: Missing inode for dirent

Sascha Wildner saw at online.de
Thu Sep 30 08:57:52 PDT 2010

On 9/30/2010 14:27, Michael Neumann wrote:
HAMMER: WARNING: Missing inode for dirent "pkgsrc"
        obj_id = 00000001040faf6f, asof=0000000106dda770, lo=00030000
Just out of curiosity, assuming this is /usr, what does 'du 
/var/hammer/usr/snap*/' output does it give the missing inodes for the 
snapshots, too?

I noticed something like this here. I had snapshots that didn't give any 
messages with the du, but then, after I did $something, I got similar 
messages for several snapshots.

I'm feeling kinda concerned because I thought nothing can change my 
snapshot integrity.


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