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Tron tron at
Thu Sep 30 00:48:14 PDT 2010

 Yes, I can boot from cd but would like to try for the big image (if it 
was available).  Network booting, I have not considered.  All my 
machines are already networked, all are running WinXP.  My old P3's 
support network booting but only one box is likely able to boot from USB 
(its a CoreDuo laptop so I think it should be modern enough for that).

So if I understand you correctly, once the big image (with x, GUI, etc) 
would become available, I would:
-burn it onto a flash drive
-change BIOS settings on the laptop to be the network installer
-change BIOS on the experimental box to be booted from the network
-boot laptop from USB
-try out DF on the test box and if I like it install on HD from the network

Did I get it right?

PS:  my HD on test has about 47GB of unpartitioned space so I would like 
to try Hammer if I can.

On 9/30/2010 12:00 AM, Chris Turner wrote:
Tron wrote:
USB.  (It is an old 700MHz Celeron with a BIOS that cannot be 
upgraded or easily patched because the mobo is oem ie: unknown...)
you should be able to boot from cd, no?

this machine is *far* faster than my old trusty 'bigred' -
a spray-painted 266mhz amd k6-II
haven't booted that guy in a while - but he was alive & kicking
in the 1.10 days..
or are you trying for the 'big package' image? can't remember the sizes
off hand..

another option is to use the built-in network installer
if the bios supports network booting & has a nic
basically, plug 2 machines into a LAN (if you have a hub or can borrow 
one), boot up one & select it to be a network installer,

and boot up the other one from the network

side note - don't try hammer on a small drive - iirc 40G is
the bare minimum for a light-workstation kind of setup?
(remember you need to have space for file history as well as the files)

no idea how this all works with the 'big package' version -
perhaps others can comment..

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