Misleading directory names

Robert Garrett robgar at comcast.net
Tue Sep 28 05:36:20 PDT 2010

Przemys?aw Pawe?czyk wrote:

> On Tue, 28 Sep 2010 12:14:52 +0200
> Matthias Schmidt <matthias at dragonflybsd.org> wrote:
> (...)
>> > 2. Would you put the information about legacy into every nook and
>> > cranny of DFBSD documentation? Nope. What's the purpose then to
>> > litter DFBSD and mirror servers with the Doublespeak? ;-) Let
>> > bygones be bygones. ;-)
>> There might be older installations out in the wild whose tools depend
>> on the amd64/ link, e.g. pkg_radd/pkg_search.
>> So what's the issue with having two entries with the same target in
>> the directory of a mirror server?  Even if there is a README which
>> explains that amd64 == x86_64. *scratcheshishead*
> Doesn't it seem to you like being a bit untidy? And, btw, for how long
> "the legacy" will be going on...? With so much changes between 2.6.3
> and 2.8.0? Do you really think/know that "the legacy" systems will be
> kept running yet after new release (which one)?
> Manpower shortages define status quo, no doubt about it, as
> pkg_radd/pkg_search are still unchanged with amd64 links.
> I tell you sincere, I made "research", my posts may testify, how
> far the system is "mature" - of course on my terms, not DFBSD
> developers'. And I didn't buy the "production ready" hype.
> Regards
> --
> Przemys?aw Pawe?czyk (P2O2) [pron. Pshemislav Paveltchick]
> http://pp.blast.pl, pp_o2 at o2.pl

O.k. I understand you dont like our documentation.. We welcome Ideas and
Suggestions about such things. 

Dfly is new?  not really.. for the record.. when I worked at a small isp in
atlanta, ga we had a box that  had been running for several years without
issue. we upgraded software on it.. we did a lot of stuff on it.. however
it was never rebooted. legacy systems in the real world exist. We will
continue to support those legacy systems. We have done so in many ways
including abi support for old binaries. 

Now to the issue, the real issue.... 

I have so far avoided this discussion, for fear that I would say something I
shouldnt. Its this simple... sometimes I wish we had the old installer
back...  the one where you had to manually set everything up.. and cpdup
the filesystem over by hand. This pretty much seperated out the poeple who
went to install something and complain about every issue they might find
with it. 

I understand that a operating system without users is pretty useless.
However berating the developers of that o.s. is pretty useless as well.
There will be a day if you continue using Dfly that you will need answers,
and the only onees who can provide them are the people that have been
insulted in your messages. 

So tone it down, ask for help, point out the issues you find in a friendly
manner and you will find them corrected very quickly. Continue the path
that these messages have been headed down, and you will have guys arguing
against changes that we should make. Just because you suggested them.


Robert Garrett

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