Misleading directory names

Matthias Schmidt matthias at dragonflybsd.org
Tue Sep 28 03:18:24 PDT 2010

* Przemys??aw Pawe??czyk wrote:
> 1. Having DFBSD so young and calling former releases "a legacy" is kinda
> hoity-toity. ;-) AFAIK the DFBSD is not __finished__ yet so former
> versions were at best development releases.

At least a lot of people have DragonFly running on a lot of machines in
production environments.  All backend servers in our working group are
based on DF.

> 2. Would you put the information about legacy into every nook and
> cranny of DFBSD documentation? Nope. What's the purpose then to litter
> DFBSD and mirror servers with the Doublespeak? ;-) Let bygones be
> bygones. ;-)

There might be older installations out in the wild whose tools depend on
the amd64/ link, e.g. pkg_radd/pkg_search.

So what's the issue with having two entries with the same target in the
directory of a mirror server?  Even if there is a README which explains
that amd64 == x86_64. *scratcheshishead*


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