chlamydia inconsistency? part II.

Paweł Oniszczuk blink at
Sat Sep 25 05:45:27 PDT 2010

> BTW.1. pkg_radd prints segmentation fault, see the
> picture:
> I had to compile MC from sources.

I'm not sure, but master branch in git repository is probably pkgsrc
-current? DragonFly BSD has pre-bootstrapped pkgsrc 2010Q2 out-of-box

> I was too optimistic. I tried to get MC running using compilation but
> the procedure also ended up with segmentation fault.

IMO mixing binary packages with source builds isn't good idea,
especially with two different version of pkgsrc. Dependency hell is
easy to archive.

My suggestion is to remove all packages:

# pkg_delete -ff '*-*'

clean directories:

# rm -rf /usr/pkg/* && rm -rf /var/db/pkg/*

And bootstrap new pkgsrc:

# cd /usr/pkgsrc/bootstrap && ./bootstrap

Then you can start building packages:

# cd /usr/pkgsrc/sysutils/mc && bmake install

Good idea is also using stable branch of pkgsrc - which currently is
2010Q2. If you removed all packages and forgot to checkout pkgsrc
repository, you can download it from ftp:

# ftp -a

There are other solutions for making dependencies consistent
like "pkg_rolling-replace", but starting from scratch is the easiest.

btw. Sorry for poor english writing.

Paul Onyschuk <blink at>

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