Need help updating /boot

Dennis Melentyev dennis.melentyev at
Thu Sep 23 23:58:34 PDT 2010

Ok, solved. This part does not work for me:-- --kernel-installable:        @if [ -f ${DESTDIR}/${DESTKERNNAME} ]; then \                echo "You need to make buildworld, installworld, and upgrade"; \
                echo "before you can install a new kernel, because the"; \                echo "kernel and modules have moved to /boot"; \                exit 1; \        fi        @if [ ! -f ${DESTDIR}/boot/dloader.rc ]; then \
                echo "You need to install a new ${DESTDIR}/boot before you"; \                echo "can install a new kernel, kernels are now installed"; \                echo "into a subdirectory along with their modules"; \
                exit 1; \        fi        @exit 0For some reason I've got only the second warning, not the first one.PS. Gone rebooting to the new kernel.../dennis
On Fri, Sep 24, 2010 at 9:42 AM, Dennis Melentyev <dennis.melentyev at> wrote:
Hi all,I'm trying to update  "v2.7.3.689.g853fe-DEVELOPMENT" to latest. Built successfully, installkernel complaints "install new /boot first" (or something close to this).I know, there was a major rewrite in boot/dloader, but neither UPDATING nor Makefile gives me a clue on what I have to do.

-- Dennis Melentyev
-- Dennis Melentyev

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