pkgsrc package builds for 2.8

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Thu Sep 23 14:35:29 PDT 2010

:whats the status w/r/t pkgsrc cvs, git & our git mirror these days?
:last I recall there were some sync problems and the 'official' source
:fell back to cvs?
:side-note/theory thinking some sort of project-local branch might make 
:sense as a way to funnel patches back to 'official' pkgsrc for inclusion..
:nifty thing about distributed VCS is - well - it's distributed !
:blah blah blah.. one day at a time
:- Chris

    Well, we redistribute pkgsrc via git.  The pkgsrc master at NetBSD
    is CVS.  NetBSD has a git mirror which we pull from but it doesn't
    track perfectly with their CVS repo... problems tend to build up.

    At the moment we are trying to use NetBSD git mirror as the pulling
    source in the hopes that it will stabilize, since pulling via git
    is a thousand times more efficient than pulling via remote CVS.

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at>

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