DragonflyBSD 2.6.3 CD boot failure

Greg Pavelcak pavelcak at gmail.com
Thu Sep 23 07:23:31 PDT 2010


All the talk about why DragonFlyBSD has promted me
to post on my install attempt. 

Booting from the 2.6.3 CD on my dual PIII SuperMicro
motherboard (P3TDE6? or something like that) ends
with a panic. I haven't tried this in a couple
weeks, and you may need more, but the note I
scribbled at the time says:

pcib2: <Serverworks host to PCI Bridge> pcibus2 on motherboard
pir1 <PCI Interrupt Routing Table: 10 entries> on motherboard
panic: Multiple pir devices

This is followed by a bunch of info on the panic,
but I gave up writing it down.

Any guidance appreciated. If you need more info,
I'll have to dig that machine out and try again.



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