Unable to install Metacity

Chris Turner c.turner at 199technologies.org
Sat May 29 00:31:01 PDT 2010

KishoreKumar Bairi wrote:
How to resolve this issue?
no ideas about the particulars of this package,
but often, build/link errors are fixed in pkgsrc by adding
the appropriate 'buildlink' makefiles -
I'd check the various directories from the XCB packages
for 'buildlink.mk' files, and add these into the package
if they are not already there..
that being said, I'd be surprised if this package isn't working
on netbsd, so perhaps there is something else 'afoot'..
be sure to bmake clean if you find something to tweak here..

I'll take a crack at fixing this one tomorrow AM since I'm doing
pkgsrc stuff anyhow..
cheers & good luck.

- Chris

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