how to install profiling libs? (2)

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Am 28.05.2010 00:09, schrieb Damian Weber:

On Thu, 27 May 2010, Sascha Wildner wrote:

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Subject: Re: how to install profiling libs? (2)
Am 27.05.2010 22:30, schrieb Damian Weber:
How to install libm_p.a?
Not that this is particularly helpful, but profiled libs (afaik) are in
/usr/lib/profile and it would be /usr/lib/profile/libm.a in this case.
I tried it and set a link to the library.

$ ls -l /usr/lib/libm_p.a
lrwxr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  23 May 27 23:48 /usr/lib/libm_p.a@ ->  /usr/lib/profile/libm.a
Compile now ok, but weird result, argv=0x0 ?!

it's because of the optimization, see

Maybe Venkatesh found out more in the meantime and can chime in.

One would have to find out how to prevent optimization from setting 
argc/argv to 0. In the meantime you could set CFLAGS to "-O0 -pipe" (the 
default is "-O -pipe") and recompile/-install libc.



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