BSDStats: Status Report

Aggelos Economopoulos aoiko at
Wed May 26 02:24:34 PDT 2010

On 26/05/2010 12:26 πμ, Alexander Polakov wrote:
2010/5/26, Marc G. Fournier<scrappy at>:
As of this posting, we are getting reports in from all the *BSD variants:

    PCBSD              4 872
    FreeBSD            1 627
    DesktopBSD           154
    NetBSD                43
    OpenBSD               15
    DragonflyBSD          14
    MidnightBSD            3
    MirBSD                 3

The sites includes basic instructions for installing / running on the
various *BSDs ...
Hey, man, don't you think this statistics is a bit stupid? It shows
only how many users
your statistics software has, not *BSD users count. And I bet you have
it installed by
default in PCBSD (and not others). So, what's the point?
It's a lower bound (assumming no cheating which you can't detect anyway) 
on the number of users you have, which might not be /completely/ 
useless. Using those numbers for userbase comparisons is silly of course :)

Unless the bsdstats script can do reasonably anonymous data collection 
so that we can all turn it on by default I don't see that changing.


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