which pkgsrc version do I get via git?

Max Herrgård herrgard at gmail.com
Mon May 17 11:56:49 PDT 2010

17 maj 2010 kl. 20.05 skrev Goetz Isenmann:


What flavor of pkgsrc do I get, when I use "cd /usr && make
pkgsrc-create/update"? There are regular updates, but there seem to be
a lot of differences compared to 2010Q1 and cvs/pkgsrc-changes.
If you do 'make pkgsrc-create' you get git://git.dragonflybsd.org/ 
pkgsrc.git (see /usr/src/Makefile). It's pkgsrc-current .

To get 2010Q1 you can use git://git.theshell.com/pkgsrc.git and the  
pkgsrc-2010Q1 branch.


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