2.7 amd64 Desktop issues ( mouse, RAM, perfomance etc. )

YONETANI Tomokazu qhwt+dfly at les.ath.cx
Mon May 17 09:07:57 PDT 2010

On Mon, May 17, 2010 at 07:48:04AM -0700, Siju George wrote:
> I got this thread about the chip set which says it is the lack of
> drivers for 64 - bit OS is what makes the RAM unavailable to the OS
> even though the mother board supports 4GB
> http://www.tech-forums.net/pc/f9/enable-4gb-ram-windows-7-32-bit-226914/

No, it doesn't say so, but the whole discussion is for Windows 7,
why do you care at all?

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