Memory usage increased

Steve O'Hara-Smith steve at
Sun May 9 03:46:25 PDT 2010


	OK I think I have something concrete - running hammer rebalance on
a freshly booted machine runs the active memory usage up past 2GB and it
stays there after the rebalance has finished even when the machine is left
alone for some time.

	Unmounting and remounting the filesystem clears up the memory usage
but nothing else seems to do it.

	I can understand that operations like this will bring a lot of
blocks into memory and it probably helps performance on systems with high
filesystem activity to keep them in but surely they shouldn't stay on the
active queue, where the memory cannot be reused, indefinitely. Shuffling
them off to the inactive queue once they are written out (or just not dirty)
would enable the blocks to be reused and seems to make more sense to me.

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