Thomas Nikolajsen thomas.nikolajsen at mail.dk
Fri May 7 14:36:52 PDT 2010

>I tried wireless at the con but got no carrier. I installed some 
>wireless-related packages but couldn't get it to work. Here's the dmesg:
>bwi0: <Broadcom BCM4306 802.11 Wireless Lan> mem 0xf8ffc000-0xf8ffdfff irq 11 
. .

Did you follow instructions in bwi(4) ('man bwi')?
(It says you need to fetch firmware and install it)

After that you need to configure the wifi (802.11) interface,
typically using rc.conf(5) ('man rc.conf').
For this you need info on how the access method is:
auth (none, WPA or WEP) & ip-addr (DHCP or static).

For example using no auth & DHCP, use in /etc/rc.conf:

Or using WPA & DHCP, use in /etc/rc.conf
(for WPA setup see wpa_supplicant.conf(5) ('man wpa_supplicant.conf')):
ifconfig_bwi0="DHCP WPA"

(I see you are running RELEASE, as bwi(4) is disabled ATM in DEVELOPMENT;
also wifi config has changed a bit (802.11 update has been commited after release))

As you can see, it can be a bit involved getting wifi up and running,
but it is worth the effort; really nice to have,
and it works rock solid in my experience.


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