HAMMER/DF crash while mounting smbfs

Krzysztof Langer klanger at wp.pl
Mon May 31 13:18:26 PDT 2010

Because it happened few time I would like to write a bit more detailed 
info how I did crashed HAMMER with mount -t smbfs command.

First, DF was installed on eeepc with 20 GB ssd, named ad2 (4GB) and ad3 
With installer I had to put DF on smaller disc (faster) and after 
successful installation, I then added bigger disc with “hammer 
volume-add /dev/ad3s0 /"  → is that correct?

I had no problem using HAMMER on such a small disk (disabled auto hammer 
cleanup) until I wanted to connect my eeepc to other computer, mini 
“server" running PC-BSD.

I did install and configured samba and had connection with PC-BSD, but 
only one way → using PC-BSD or with smbclient (with this command I 
could get&put files from PC-BSD using my eeepc).

Now everytime I tried to mount folder on PC-BSD (or Windows runnig 
computer) with mount -t smbfs it failed and crashed (once using DF on 
eeepc internal ssd and once using DF on a big 200GB external usb-hdd).

After such a crash I could boot into my root or user account but root 
had no apps (not even cli / user had links/nano) available – both 
failed to start X. There was data on disc but I could not “get" to 
that data as it was not there. With “mount" all entries were 
normal (checked it on freshly installed DF setup).

Folder /home/user had no sign of any data so did /mysnapshot or 
/var/hammer but with df -h I did get the same info as before crash.

Got the same result when mounted those discs using DF live-cd.

So this is what happened – hope it helps developers. I now know, 
that mounting smbfs is a HAMMER killer :)

Have no, fresh installation of DF (now mounted ad3 as /home not / 
→ maybe this is a better idea, don't know). For sure, I'll not try 
to mount samaba share with eeepc :)
I do like HAMMER as a file system  & going to test it on eeepc with 
small ssd (should I use noatime option?).

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