Abnormal termination of greeter

Pierre Abbat phma at phma.optus.nu
Fri Jul 30 08:55:49 PDT 2010

On Friday 30 July 2010 01:12:01 Krzysztof Langer wrote:
> There is an issue with pkgsrc and packages.
> Some packages are updated, some not and in the end you can't install all
> apps that you would like to (specially from /pkgsrc/wip directory).
> Eg. if you start your installation with parcellite & i3, you will not be
> able to install gmplayer or any other media player (vlc) - the only one
> you can is kaffeine (with KDE base).
> If you start installation with gmplayer, you will not be able to install
> parcellite (some times also i3).
> Usually the problem was with png, atk and glib -> those were out-of-date
> and could not be updated with out deleting most gnome stuff (in the end
> you had to reinstall all apps or even DFBSD).
> All this started after redirecting vendor to master in Makefile.

I don't know about wip, and don't find that directory. In pkgsrc/x11, there 
are both kde3 and kde4 packages. In pkgin, there are only kde3 packages, but 
something (apparently not the startkde script itself, it's 3.5.10) is 
expecting kde4 to be present. Running kwrite results in this error:

-bash-3.2$ kwrite&
[1] 945
-bash-3.2$ /usr/libexec/ld-elf.so.2: Shared object "libX11.so.6.2.0" not 
found, required by "libXfixes.so.3"

[1]+  Exit 1                  kwrite

The file libX11.so.6.2.0 does exist in /usr/pkg/lib, so I don't know why it 
doesn't find it.

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