Is it time to dump disklabel and use GPT instead?

elekktretterr at elekktretterr at
Tue Jul 27 18:49:11 PDT 2010

> What evidence do you have of newcomers being "more than often" turned
> away by having to use "archaic tools"?

I visit a couple of Linux forums, and while the word "DragonFly" surely
seems to have picked up some usage in the recent months, I also hear that
they go somewhere else after a brief experience setting it up. Majority of
these people seem try DragonFly because of HAMMER and their aim is to
setup a "backup" box.

> If they want DragonFly only on their whole disk, they can just let the
> installer install DragonFly to the whole disk without having to use
> either fdisk or disklabel.

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