Is it time to dump disklabel and use GPT instead?

elekktretterr at elekktretterr at
Sun Jul 25 16:51:47 PDT 2010

>     Well, there are two parts to GPT.  There is the partition table
>     standard and then there is the BIOS support.  If you mean booting
>     from a GPT compatibility slice without needing the BIOS support
>     then it is probably doable.


I've come across a few people (Linux users wanting to try DragonFly
because of HAMMER) who ultimately go somewhere else because of difficulty
to setup partitions(both fdisk and disklabel are difficult to use).

Another reason being we don't have BASH in the base which Linux users like.
They do get turned off with TCSH, I dont mind it but Im not a Linux user.

To setup a HAMMER filesystem requires at least 4 steps: 1) fdisk 2)
disklabel 3) newfs_hammer 4) Create PFSs

Disklabel seems to be largely redundant to GPT just for the sake of
BSDism. Im not in favour of making things more user-friendly just for the
sake of it, but this also seems to be a logical step forward.


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