Compiling GMP in DragonFly

Stathis Kamperis ekamperi at
Tue Jul 6 16:18:06 PDT 2010

2010/7/6 Nate <lnxpeng at>:
> Greetings!
> Has anyone had any experience compiling Gnu Multiple Precision library
> for DragonFly? I've got a program I've written that uses GMP, and I
> have a hunch that BSD might be faster than linux. I wanted to know if
> there were any peculiarities to compiling on BSD (this will be my
> first attempt at using a BSD variant).
> Thanks,
> Nate

Hi Nate,
I'm using both GMP and MPFR under dflybsd, netbsd and freebsd with no
problems whatsoever. Just, take the pkgsrc or ports route, rather than
compiling it manually, in case there are any OS-specific patches.

Best regards,

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