Networking problem - Just how to do this?

elekktretterr at elekktretterr at
Mon Jul 19 20:48:08 PDT 2010

The situation is like this:

DF Box is on a public IP -  - The box is connected to a switch,
and the switch is connected to the upstream router -

Now, I've also connected another router(Cisco ASA 5505) to the switch. Its
also got a public IP - - and the router will be used to establish
VPN connections to another network on the internet. The problem is I dont
have a "private network", the DF box is on a public IP.

So I aliased the network interface on the DF Box and gave it a private IP:

I'm kind of at loss as what to do next. Has anyone been in a similar
situation? Worst come worst i'll have to run another cable to the second
NIC on the DF Box and split the topology physically.


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