tmpfs now operational in development branch

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Sun Feb 28 17:05:09 PST 2010

:Hi Matt,
:Here is my janitoring item for tmpfs.
:I would really appreciate your effort to polish on tmpfs,
:Also I would do small pieces of janitors in parallel.
:The attachment is a patch to enable option -u, -g and -m as NetBSD
:does. We can mount with non root uid, gid or even with sticky bit by
:applying this.
:See mount_tmpfs(8) for reference.
:My next plan is to write a patch allowing users full notation (i.e. -o
:uid=hoge,mode=1777 instead of -o -u=hoge -o -m=1777) as we see by
:thank you,
:- Naoya

    Ok, I incorporated it, thanks!


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