ltp can't find /proc/cpuinfo

Mohd Farid Kamarudin mokamaru at
Tue Feb 2 06:00:45 PST 2010

>/bin is before /usr/pkg/bin in $PATH, so that's not why. The reason appears to
>be that which is a BSD program, so it sees only the BSD programs in /bin, and
>bash isn't there. When Linux bash runs bash, however, it looks in /bin and
>finds itself. If I put /usr/pkg/bin before /bin, Linux bash finds BSD bash:
>bash-3.00# PATH=/usr/pkg/bin:$PATH
>bash-3.00# bash

I think you might need to brandelf those linux binaries first (/compat/linux/*).
brandelf -t Linux <filename>

Note that on my machine /compat/linux/bin/hostname is sym linked to
so be careful in case you use wildcat (brandelf -t Linux *).

Or if that does not work try the step mentioned on this site.

- Farid Kamarudin

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