dfly-live diskless

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Sun Feb 7 17:44:22 PST 2010

Mini thought is prompt looks better ¤, $ (or other) than # where
harddrive removed to mostly advantages wanna enable stuff like Pierre
multimedia, development environment and so. Kindly all advice

2010/1/26 niklasro.appspot.com <niklasro at gmail.com>:
> Dear experts, one installation reports there is no space left on
> device. I removed /usr/src and pkgsrc to to effect per viewed df -h.
> Kindly inform what advice you can in this situation. I can always
> reinstall naturally preferring something like a disk cleaup command or
> script. (http://www.dragonflybsd.org/docs/user/dellcpx/)
> Thanks to dragonflybsd
> _______________
> Nick Rosencrantz

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