Tor and Polipo

Chris Turner c.turner at
Mon Dec 20 00:22:54 PST 2010

Pierre Abbat wrote:
I'd like to start browsing the onion web. I set up a Tor node, which was 
pretty easy. I installed the Tor package, made a few changes to the torrc, 
forwarded a port, and was up and running. Firefox installed Torbutton by just 
clicking on a link. The missing part is Polipo. I can download and install it 
from source, but there is no package in pkgin or pkgsrc. How come Tor is in 
pkgsrc but not Polipo?
my guess would be because noone has simply done it!

there is squid - although it looks like polipo might be easier to 
configure - unless theres some other feature I'm overlooking?

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