2.0 packages being removed from avalon

Simon 'corecode' Schubert corecode at fs.ei.tum.de
Tue Sep 22 08:16:12 PDT 2009

Jordan Gordeev wrote:
Justin C. Sherrill wrote:

Since 2.4 is out, and we'll have binary pkgsrc packages for it soon, the
2.0 packages are due to be removed.  If this will cause you trouble,
please speak up.
The plan is to keep packages for the current release (2.4) and the
previous release (2.2), which gives us a binary package retention 
of about a year.

(The 2.3.1 packages on avalon.dragonflybsd.org currently work for 2.4, 
the directories are symlinked in until a 2.4 build is finished.)


Who is gonna be hurt if 2.0 packages remain available?
Disk space, confused people, unfixed security issues...

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