2.4 install minor issues

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Sun Sep 20 10:46:28 PDT 2009

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:2.4 looks great!  The devfs stuff is very cool.  I just had a couple of
:minor things:
:- On both machines I've installed, a Dimension 4500 and an Inspiron 8000,
:the "hit any key to reboot" after a halt doesn't cause a reboot

    This is a known issue with USB keyboards.  The system shutdown also
    kills the usb.  It still needs to be tracked down.

:- On a Studio 14z, I can't get either the CD or the DVD to boot using a
:plextor usb drive.  The first dozen lines or so of boot messages appear and
:then the machine reboots.  However, this same DVD drive boots fine with 2.4
:on an Acer netbook.  I haven't had any trouble with internal DVD drives.

    Hmm. boot messages from the kernel boot itself?  It gets past the
    loader, loads the kernel, but then dies while the kernel is probing
    devices?  That one might be hard to track down.  You could try booting
    with the menu option that disables ACPI.

:- Are devtab labels for multi-volumes with hammer working in fstab,
:newfs_hammer, or mount_hammer?

    Totally untested.  Multi-volume drive labels might not work as


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