Experimental pkgsrc GIT repo for DragonFly users

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Sun Sep 13 11:50:30 PDT 2009

    I think there's a misunderstanding here.  Right now all we are doing
    is mirroring the pkgsrc repo.  We are mirroring it exactly.  We are
    not forking or branching anything.

    Putting it into a git repo is a convenience to us and our users
    because NetBSD's cvs repo is slow and unreliable, network intensive,
    and also cpu and disk intensive (on both the server and the disk no
    less!)... not to mention the WIP is in a completely different repo.

    All the pkgsrc git repo is doing right now is slapping together the
    NetBSD repo and the WIP repo every 6 hours and making it available via

    This also has the added benefit of allowing us to ship a git repo for
    pkgsrc on the ISO so users installing DragonFly from scratch can simply
    do an initial checkout and a 'git pull' to update incrementally and
    save themselves probably 30 minutes of pain to get an up-to-date pkgsrc
    on their system.


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