Update to the state of the pkgsrc

Hasso Tepper hasso at estpak.ee
Tue Sep 29 00:01:39 PDT 2009

- I no longer have a hardware to do regular full pbulk builds from pkgsrc 
  HEAD with DragonFly master.
- I no longer have much time to care about either.

This doesn't mean that I'll will not do anything any more etc, but I don't 
have resources any more to care about pkgsrc for DragonFly community I 
did up to now. Also I think that some things need to change to preserve 
usability of pkgsrc at all for DragonFly users.

- Official (signed?) regular pbulk builds. The current situation really 
  isn't acceptable. I'd never use packages from random source updated 
  randomly (no security updates). Really.
- Public logs from all pbulk builds. The logs are there for reason. I 
  don't see any in the avalon at the moment. How people should fix 
  anything even if they care?
- Using bug tracking systems for pkgsrc bugs. I'd recommend using NetBSD 
  GNATS for bugs which are addressed to the pkgsrc committers à la "here 
  is a patch to make package x/y build on DragonFly" and 
  bugs.dragonflybsd.org for reports which need to be investigated by 
  DragonFly developers (à la "the package x/y doesn't build or work on 

Once again - it doesn't mean that I quit or smth. I still can take care of 
committing patches to the pkgsrc (you can kick me by mail if something is 
stucked in the GNATS), I will continue to maintain my packages and doing 
some general pkgsrc work. I just don't have a resources to continue 
the "fix as much of pkgsrc as possible" work I did up to now. But it also 
means that things will rotten quite fast in the pkgsrc. To preserve 
usability of the pkgsrc, the help from community is very much needed.

Hasso Tepper

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