A little installing experience

Hasso Tepper hasso at estpak.ee
Thu Sep 3 10:30:45 PDT 2009

I got a shiny new HP server to test and it might happen that I can't get 
all issues with DragonFly on it solved before I'll loose it for testing, 
therefore will document problems found so far.

* Network doesn't work. The bce(4) driver in our tree needs and update to 
  get support for 5709 devices.

* PS2 keyboard doesn't work at all in DragonFly, the USB one works only 
  sometimes. There is two issues. At first PS2 isn't actually a real PS2, 
  but emulated one. This commit in OpenBSD is relevant probably:


  The second issue is that there is always at least one USB keyboard and 
  mouse in the system - virtual ones from ILO management console. 
  Therefore there are problems choosing between these and real ones. We 
  need keyboard muxing to solve this issue.

* The system doesn't boot from ciss(4) raid volume. Mounting root is 
  attempted before volume (da0) is really detected. It's a devfs issue, 
  pre-devfs system boots fine.

* System behaves well when installing, but after booting into installed 
  system from raid volume (pre-devfs system) there are constant intr 11 
  livelock messages in the console and the system is under 50% interrupt 
  load. This is gone if I disconnect SATA DVD (not ahci(4)) device. Why it 
  isn't the while installing?

There might be more of course, help is welcome ;).

Hasso Tepper

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