Printer Daemon

Jim Chapman jim.chapman at
Thu Oct 22 16:30:43 PDT 2009

Ed Berger wrote:
Is lpd running?  Do you have it automatically startup at boot time?
Do you have directories with proper permissions for the printcap 

Its also possible print/cups got built and installed on your machine 
via pkgsrc, and you have conflicting system lpr and lpd software in 
your $PATH, like defaulting /usr/bin/lpr when you meant to use cups 

I have
in /etc/rc.conf
The spool directory /var/spool/output/lp1 has owner:group  daemon:daemon
and mode 755
Cups is not installed.

If I spool a number of files and start the printer with lpc it prints
all the files. Next time I try to print there is no daemon.
Thanks, Jim Chapman

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