USB WLAN/USB Ethernet device

Michael Neumann michaelneuma at
Wed Oct 21 13:07:03 PDT 2009

2009/10/21 Saifi Khan <saifi.khan at>
On Wed, 21 Oct 2009, Michael Neumann wrote:

> 2009/10/21 Saifi Khan <saifi.khan at>
> >
> > i'm leaning towards USB-Ethernet and was wondering if there is a
> > USB-Ethernet device that is known to work fine with DragonFly
> > BSD 2.4.1 ?
> >
> >
> I have an USB WLAN device supported by the ural(4) driver which works fine.
> Regards,
>   Michael

Hi Michael:

Thank you for your reply.

Can you share the USB WLAN device model details ?It's an D-Link DWL-G122. But you have to be careful, because it can be that depending on therevision of the device it's a different chipset! I can't tell you right now what revision has my device
but I read here [1] (in German) that "HW Ver C1 is a Ralink RT73" which seems to be not supported by the ural(4) driver.So according to the manpage you should buy revision b1.[1]:


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