Importing history into hammer pfs?

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Sat Oct 17 13:42:20 PDT 2009

:I have a certain dataset in a hammer PFS, which is taking care of nightly
:snapshots for me.
:But I have about a year worth of snapshots from before I used dragonfly, taken
:with other tools.
:Is there any way I can import these snapshots into my PFS?
:Would my best bet to create a new PFS, set the clock to the date of the first
:snapshot, and copy each day over, take a hammer snapshot, delete the data and
:change the clock to the date of the next snapshot and repeat?
:-- vs

    Hmm.  Well, you can create the HAMMER snapshots fairly easily.  The idea
    is to make *minimal* changes between each snapshot so you don't want
    to delete the data inbetween each one.  You want to use a program like
    cpdup or rdist which only copies differences over (and even then log
    files will probably be recopied for each day).  Copy each day over and
    take a HAMMER snapshot inbetween.  Make sure the cpdup/rdist is not
    doing full recopies (which they might if e.g. the mtimes were not retained
    for each original snapshot).

    Setting the system time back for each snapshot copy might work to a
    degree, you'd have to experiment.

    It might be better just to archive the old snapshots somewhere and hold
    onto them physically for a year, and not try to merge them into the new
    snapshot scheme.

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