bio_page_alloc: WARNING emergency page allocation

Saifi Khan saifi.khan at
Tue Oct 13 03:51:51 PDT 2009


On an Intel P4 box, left powered on overnight,
the following notification is being printed once in a while.

bio_page_alloc: WARNING emergency page allocation.

System configuration is,
 Intel P4 2.3 GHz with Intel D102 GGC board and 1GB RAM.
 with 2 x 320 GB IDE Seagate HDD.
 running DragonFlyBSD 2.4.1 with HAMMERFS with full disk.

I just installed DragonFlyBSD 2.4.1 on it two days ago and there
is no server or heavy application running on it. In fact
other than the software from the DVD, there is no other app that
has been installed.

A quick mem profile shows as
Mem: 90M active, 611M Inact, 139 Wired, 70M Buf, 29M Free

Is this some kind of filesystem issue ? 

Do i need to make any system config changes through sysctl to
avoid such warning in the future ?


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