Building a bootable USB installer

Michael Neumann mneumann at
Wed Mar 25 03:03:17 PDT 2009

John Leimon wrote:

> Friends,
> Is there a way I can put a dragonfly ISO onto a USB drive and make it
> bootable? I would like to be able to install the OS from a thumb drive
> because my notebook doesn't have a CDROM drive. Any ideas?

I had the same problem some time ago so I developed the USB stick version.
Just go to Download [1] and click on the "USB" link [2]. After unpacking 
with gzip you can put this image onto you usb stick using "dd".

You might want to load the "ehci" (USB 2.0) kernel module in the boot loader 
or try to load it from the command line (this will be much faster). I 
remember some troubles with it, so you have to try. 




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