Quick HAMMER notes

Hasso Tepper hasso at estpak.ee
Tue Mar 24 07:11:04 PDT 2009

I have finally my laptop on HAMMER and would like to share some quick 
notes. Please forgive me if these topics are already covered in the past, 
I've ignored most of HAMMER threads so far ;).

* locate(1) database doesn't ignore hammer snapshots? Can we do something 
  about it?

* Finding out how should I really access historical data in filesystem 
  isn't easy. It took some time to find out about 'undo -i' and that it's
  the thing I'm looking at all ("Generate a single line ... "?), the point 
  of the 'hammer history' is still mystery for me.

* Some unclear things in undo manpage ... It should be mentioned in 
  manpage that the current version isn't in the output of the 'undo -i'.
  I remember from somewhere that it's normal that some iterations of the 
  file history can give you an empty file, it should be mentioned in BUGS 
  section of the undo(1) IMHO. 

* Relationship between (no)history and snapshots wasn't clear for me in 
  the beginning. Also ... What's the difference between 'nouhistory' 
  and 'nohistory'? What all these flags on chflags(1) do at all? 

* Who was the guy writing IO scheduler? We really need that, I happened to 
  do some work when cleanup was started :(.

Hasso Tepper

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