Installer & HAMMER only

FloW flo.w at
Wed Jan 28 13:24:38 PST 2009

Matthias Schmidt wrote:

* FloW wrote:
So far everything went smooth, except that the MAKEDEV commands failed  
from inside the installer. There was no specific error message. When  i  
invoked MAKEDEV from the shell the devices were created without error,  
and then the installer would proceed. Can anyone reproduce this?
No, never saw that during my tests.  Do you had the chance to look into
the installer's log file?  If not, it should be saved into /var/log on
your machine.
I had another look at the install logs, the MAKEDEV commands look like:

cd /dev && /bin/echo ad0s4a || /bin/sh MAKEDEV ad0s4a

Shouldn't this be rather

cd /dev && /bin/echo ad0s4a && /bin/sh MAKEDEV ad0s4a


The corresponding command part is located at the end of


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