Installation on Yet Another Netbook mneumann at
Thu Jan 15 09:57:34 PST 2009

Am 15.01.2009 14:35, schrieb Sascha Wildner:
Michael Neumann schrieb:
It is safe to add that to the nrelease Makefile (of course working on
the vnode device instead of sd0)?
I agree with Simon that packet mode should be default, but it should not
be done in the 'img' taget, but instead in the installer (and
Why not in the img target? This means that for some people it won't 
generate a bootable img file. Not something we want!

I have no clue what exactly packet mode is (boot loaders are all ugly 
legacy stuff), but it it works on more machines than without packet 
mode, I'd argue to turn it on in the img target by default and have an 
option to generate a non-packet-mode image.



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