HEADS UP: Dropping ISA & EISA support

Sascha Wildner saw at online.de
Fri Jan 9 10:28:41 PST 2009

Eugene schrieb:
Another question I have is how the system will behave on old ISA-based 
chipsets, like i430 or i440 and some chipsets heaving an ISA-bus (some 
versions of i815 boards have the slot, while nothing was ever plugged in 
A bad example of Linux kernels on non-MMX processors (unconditionally 
halts on any non-MMX CPU, like Cyrix 150+) is the thing I really fear of.
The current plan is to only remove support for what needs a physical ISA 
card, mostly device drivers, such as for example rdp(4), as sephe wrote.

The exception will be vga(4) which does not (yet) have PCI support and 
treats all cards alike, be it ISA or PCI.

We'll certainly not remove ISA bus support as a whole, as things like 
atkbdc(4), orm(4), sio(4) etc. will still need it.

Does that alleviate your fear? :)



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