fdisk implementation [read this before deciding what to do]

Sascha Wildner saw at online.de
Thu Jan 8 22:33:17 PST 2009

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Vincent Stemen schrieb:
> Yes, in the traditional layered Unix approach, this tool was
> specifically designed to be easier to automate and to write interactive
> front ends than the existing tools.  It would probably be easy enough to
> add a simple interactive mode to the tool itself, but I hesitate to do
> that because, as you mentioned, I can do the same thing with a shell
> script, making it easy to tune the interactive behavior and to have
> multiple different interfaces that are as simple or as sophisticated as
> you want.

Yes, but the downside of this is that there are two distinct interfaces, 
one for the tool itself (getopt_long() stuff) and another for the 
interactive mode which is put on top of it with shell scripts.

A better idea IMO is to have a built-in interactive mode and allow for 
feeding those commands to the tool also from a file. In the tool it's 
just a matter of either reading from stdin or from a file.



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