The state of DragonFly and pkgsrc 2008Q4

Sascha Wildner saw at
Sun Jan 4 06:56:56 PST 2009

Hasso Tepper schrieb:
We have no resources for such tests and to fix things constantly ;). What 
I'd like to see though is kind of userspace API/ABI freeze. Not really 
hard freeze, but no such changes as introducing the reentrant functions 
was, no messing with hiding/disclosing stuff in headers (a la "hey, make 
it more standard compilant"), no "sync library libx with xBSD" commits 
etc, please.
Avoiding these types of commits in the proposed timeframe seems like a 
good idea to me. If anyone really ever has something that _must_ go in 
during that time, there's still the possibility of checking against a 
pkgsrc build before committing.

We target our releases to end of January and to end of July. Q2 is 
released in the end of June and Q4 is released in the end of December. I 
think that it's reasonable to have soft API/ABI freeze two months before 
DragonFly release? It would leave a month to fix problems in pkgsrc.


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