DragonFly seeking machine to build packages

Simon 'corecode' Schubert corecode at fs.ei.tum.de
Mon Jan 19 05:52:09 PST 2009


as you might have noticed, we have a serious problem with providing regularly updated binary packages for DragonFly.  There is the occasional effort of building packages for a release, but it tends not to work out, or if so, then only for that one release.

What DragonFly needs is one dedicated machine to build packages, continuously.

How can YOU help?

What we need is a machine with decent CPU power (core2duo or above) AND decent network connectivity (10Mbps or up).  This machine needs to be in a stable environment, so home setups probably won't cut it.  The machine needs to be able to basically build packages 24/7.  The network would only be used to prime one mirror, so traffic would be rather limited (but still needs to be fast enough to push the packages out in reasonable time).
On this machine, we'd need a DragonFly installation and root access (any maybe the occasional remote hands to press reset, but that's more unlikely).  You wouldn't have to deal with the package building or administration.

Alternatively, if you have such a machine over to donate, it maybe could be arranged for it to be placed at an academic institution for network connectivity.

If you have a machine matching the profile and would like to help DragonFly, please tell us.


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