Installation on Yet Another Netbook

Christopher Rawnsley rawprawns at
Wed Jan 14 17:27:27 PST 2009

So recently effort has been put into areas that I am interested in  
getting my Eee PC 901 up and running (specifically by Sepherosa Ziehau  
with age(4) and Michael Neumann with USB image creation in nrelease.  
Thanks guys! :-) ).

The novice that I am, however, I have managed to fail at getting DF on  
to my netbook! Here is what I have tried so far...
So on the 1st January I downloaded me a fresh copy of the source from  
the git repo and did a 'make release' as I couldn't wait for the  
snapshot to try out the new age(4) driver. Ran the install CD and  
tried to perform a network boot through the installer environment. It  
complained about a missing programme ( The name of which escapes my  
mind but I shall find it if it's deemed relevant as... ) I seem to  
remember this being a problem with the snapshots. IIRC this was  
brought up on the lists and some special wizardry was applied to the  
proper releases which fixed this. Am I making this up?

Anyway, I tried the 1st January snapshot and the 3rd January snapshot  
as well both failing with similar problems as above. On a positive  
note, the if_age module loaded just fine.

So now to the present day. I have re-synced with the git repo and this  
time I tried a 'make img release' and dd the resultant image to my USB  
flash drive. I tried to boot the image but all I got back from it was  
that there was no operating system ( one of the messages at the  
beginning of the image when I viewed the data in a hex editor ).

Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks for being patient  
with me :-)


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