HEADS UP: Dropping ISA & EISA support

Sascha Wildner saw at online.de
Tue Jan 6 06:10:11 PST 2009

Just to clarify:

After 2.2 has been branched (end of January), we'll start dropping 
support for _all_ ISA and EISA cards, not just the NICs.

We can't drop ISA support completely of course because of things like 
PS/2 (atkbdc(4), ...), vga(4) and so on but support for everything 
involving a physical ISA card being plugged into a physical ISA slot is 
planned to be nuked.

A list of ISA drivers is on the isa(4) manual page, but I guess you know 
if there are ISA slots in your box and whether you use them.

Please speak up if you think that this is not a good idea. :)



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