Question about FSHammer getting full

Antonio Huete Jimenez ahuete.devel at
Thu Aug 27 02:11:53 PDT 2009

Well, I'm no idea about this but could it be this way?

> sudo du -hs /home/source/
2.1G    /home/source/
> gunzip hammer.img.gz
> ls -l hammer.img
-rw-r--r--  1 antonioh  wheel   512M Aug 27 03:30 hammer.img
> sudo hammer snapshot /home/source
> rm hammer.img
> sudo du -hs /home/source/snap-20090827-0331/
2.6G    /home/source/snap-20090827-0331/

There are ~500MB difference between the current status and the
previous snapshot.
So deleting that snapshot and pruning would give you 500MB back I guess.
Bad thing is that when you have a lot of snapshots with the same files
modified, this is near impossible to calculate manually, but there
must be a way of calculating this :-)


2009/8/27 Thomas Nikolajsen <thomas.nikolajsen at>:
>>>Presently there is no tool to see space used for a given snapshot, or PFS,
>>>this could be a nice feature.
>>I usually do
>>du -hs <fs>/snapshots/snap*/
> The info I would like to see is space which can be recovered by deleting snapshot.
> (i.e. doing prune & reblock after deletion)
> The command you suggest might give an approximation for that.
> Guess I wasn't precise enough in my wording ;-)
>  -thomas

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