HEADS UP - devfs integration update. iscsi now alpha.

Michael Neumann mneumann at ntecs.de
Tue Aug 11 14:06:39 PDT 2009

Matthew Dillon schrieb:
:Matt, do you think it's worth to even drive this one step further by 
:probing device slices for HAMMER (or other types of) filesystems, and
:create devfs entries like /dev/hammer/fsid or /dev/hammer/volname.volno?
:This would, in case of HAMMER, make devtab kind of superfluous, despite
:being very useful in general.
:   Michael

    I think we have to be very careful when trying to identify drives
    by the data stored on them.  Maintainance tasks such as someone, say,
    dd'ing a disk image, could blow in our faces from depending on it.
Generally I agree that too much magic should be avoided.
But I see one use case where it might be useful: Expanding or
shrinking a HAMMER filesystem. Right now, all volumes
have to be specified. If, after an expansion, you miss to add
the new volume, you can easily render the box unbootable.
What I imagine would still need to mount a filesystem explicitly,
just that the volumes are determined automagically.


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