got some strange vfsync messages about dirty buffer!

Daniel d.ubuntu at
Tue Aug 11 16:03:10 PDT 2009

Matthew Dillon wrote:
:What does this kernel messages mean?
:Aug 11 19:27:05  kernel: Warning: vfsync_bp skipping dirty buffer
:Aug 11 19:57:40  kernel: Warning: vfsync_bp skipping dirty buffer
:Aug 11 20:58:52  kernel: Warning: vfsync_bp skipping dirty buffer
    You can ignore these warnings.  They typically occur under heavy
    I/O loads.  The buffer will still be synced (eventually).
:My machine is a eeepc900 with a ssd disk, can it be that the ssd is not 
:that supported yet?
:I'm using UFS as filesystem, beacuse i read somewhere that Matt wrote we 
:should't use HammerFS with filesystems under 40GB, this drive is on 16GB.
:And i wonder what this means too:
:ad2: 15391MB <ASUS-PHISON SSD TST2.04P> at ata1-master UDMA66

    UFS is probably the best choice for a 16G drive.

    The SET_MULTI failures can probably be ignored.  My guess is that the
    SSD simply does not support the command.... not surprising if it is a
    modern SATA drive.
					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at>
Thank you for that, then i can ignore the SET_MULTI failures :D, Ok then 
i made a good choice of choosing UFS instead of Hammer beacuse my disk 
would run out of space pretty fast when hammer is pruning and cleaning 
up every night right?

By the way do you know why i got these messages about vfsync messages 
about dirty buffer?

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