Packages needed to run mysql

Colin Adams colinpauladams at
Wed Apr 22 09:52:41 PDT 2009

Well, I have /bin/sh as my shell - I've never used C-shell
(dragonflies don't like salt water, so you won't find me by the
C-shore much), but I see root has it set to /bin/csh.
Is it safe to change root's shell to /bin/sh, or are there any
dependencies on this?

2009/4/22 Jeremy C. Reed <reed at>:
>> I just found out that it is installed - in /usr/pkg/bin.
>> And this is on the PATH.
>> So i don't understand what is happening - if I specify the full path,
>> the command responds with a help screen.
>> Is there something special about the PATH for root on DragonFly (I've
>> just discovered I can simply type mysqladmin on a user account, and it
>> works fine)?
> C shell behaviour. Using tcsh, type "rehash" so it will rebuild its
> internal table of contents of your path. The reason it worked on the other
> account, I assume, is that you logged into that after it was newly
> installed.

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