Release 2.2.1? [was: Re: How to configure DragonFly?]

Colin Adams colinpauladams at
Tue Apr 21 10:01:38 PDT 2009


I have networking working now, and I'm installing Apache.

Once I have my "Dragonflies on DragonFly" website set up, may I use
the "Powered by DragonFly" bade 3 from the images site on it?

2009/4/21 Matthew Dillon <dillon at>:
> :OK.
> :
> :How do I configure my ethernet card for a static IP address? I
> :understand the ifconfig command, but it looks like I have to ignore
> :that and put ifconfig_rl0="something-or-other" in /etc/rc.conf. And I
> :don't know what the something-or-other should be.
> Here is an example for /etc/rc.conf.  Substitute correct IP and
> netmask, of course:
> ifconfig_fxp0="inet netmask"
> defaultrouter=""
>                                        -Matt
>                                        Matthew Dillon
>                                        <dillon at>

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